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14 Jan 2020
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How To Protect Your Concrete Driveway In Winter

Your driveway is exposed to the elements all year long. While the concrete may feel like it is baking in the summer, it can get dangerously cold in the winter. That is why you need to make sure that you are working to protect your concrete driveway this winter.


Protect Your Driveway This Winter By Sealing It

Start by protecting your driveway before the winter even starts. You can take measures in the fall before the first snow. Various concrete seals can be applied. These seals can give your driveway an added layer of necessary protection from the cold, snow and ice.


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Keep Your Calgary Driveway Safe By Removing Snow Promptly

You should also work hard to protect your concrete driveway with fast snow removal. You should never leave snow and ice on your driveway for very long. The weight of snow and ice can be problematic and lead to cracking and shifting. If possible, snow should be cleared from the edges of the driveway as well. This can prevent too much moisture from seeping beneath your concrete.


Your Driveway Will Be Safer With The Right Tools

Snow removal should always be completed with the best tools for the job. It is important to have a good shovel or snowblower that will not damage the concrete while clearing the snow. Moreover, be careful when using sand or salt. These substances can cause degradation in your driveway.


Hire a Professional to Keep Your Driveway Pristine This Winter

There are a lot of considerations for protecting your driveway this winter. If you really want to see the best results, you should think about hiring a professional. A professional can apply the right seals and employ the best tools for your driveway.


Apex Concrete is ready to take your outdoor space to the next level. As a professional concrete company in Calgary, we know how to customize our services to suit your style and taste. All year round, Apex Concrete is here to help you. Call us today at 403-333-6633.

17 Dec 2019

How To Look After Your Concrete Driveway This Winter

Winter weather makes life hard for everyone. It even makes life hard for your concrete driveway. In order to protect your driveway this winter, here are a few simple maintenance tips.

Protect Your Driveway By Sealing It First

There are sealants available that can be applied to your concrete driveway. These seals are designed to protect the surface. This is incredibly important in the winter when there is so much snow and ice. To pick the right sealant, be sure to talk to your concrete contractor. Many contractors can be hired to apply the sealant for you.

Regularly Remove Snow and Ice

It can get exhausting removing snow and ice all winter, but it is important for many reasons. Snow removal is a safety issue for you and others, but it is also a way to preserve your driveway. For the best results, be sure to clear the snow off very promptly. Additionally, it is recommended to clear snow away from the edges of the concrete as well to prevent too much moisture from getting below the driveway.


Give Your Driveway the Best Care and Avoid Salt

Salt is commonly used to provide traction in the winter, but it is incredibly caustic. It has been proven that salt contributes to the breakdown of concrete driveways. If you apply salt regularly, it could lead to cracks in the spring.

Address Problem Areas Quickly To Preserve Your Driveway

The wear and tear of winter are inevitable in Calgary. Therefore, be sure to keep a keen eye out for damage when the snow melts. If your driveway is showing signs of damage, then get it fixed quickly. Addressing small problems now can avert larger problems later. Contact your concrete company in Calgary if you have any problems with your driveway. 

Apex Concrete is ready to take your outdoor space to the next level. As a professional concrete company in Calgary, we know how to customize our services to suit your style and taste. All year round, Apex Concrete is here to help you. Call us today at 403-333-6633.

18 Dec 2017

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01 Dec 2017

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26 Jun 2017

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