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Customize your property with the best Calgary decorative concrete services at Apex Concrete.

Broom finished concrete is a popular method to texturize and create sturdy traction on your concrete slab. This form of decorative concrete consists of minuscule grooves that will induce reliable no-slip traction and can endure decades of external contact without sustaining substantial damage. 

Install broom finish concrete with Apex Concrete, and we promise to provide excellent and reliable services. 

Select the decorative concrete that best suits your property and amplify its appearance with the unwavering landscaping team at Apex Concrete.

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The Benefits of

Broom Finished Concrete


Acquiring broom finish concrete installment is accessible to all of our interested customers with Apex Concrete’s affordable prices that remain unmatched!

Slip Resistant

When you receive broom finish concrete driveway, chances of suffering from a slipping or falling incident will be significantly reduced as the grooves in the concrete will offer traction.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Just like all of our concrete installations, like smooth finish concrete, our boomed finish concrete will prove to be extremely durable and reliably long-lasting for anyone seeking concrete for longevity purposes.

Easy to Maintain

Our broom finish concrete installation is as easy to maintain as our stamped concrete in Calgary or aggregate concrete in Calgary applications. With little to no effort required to complete maintenance on your concrete.

The Most Innovative
Concrete Deck & Patio Ideas

Our innovative ideas concerning your concrete deck and patio will remould the appearance of your property in ways similar to installing concrete sidewalk steps in Calgary
With a myriad of different textures, patterns, and colours that you can choose from, along with styles and ideas that are best suited for your property, you can be assured that you’ll be satisfied with the results of your new installed deck and patio.

At Apex Concrete, our goal is to develop an outdoor addition to your home that will go above and far beyond our customers expectations. By using transparency and perpetual communication, we want to forge a concrete patio and deck that induces socialization, relaxation, and an eagerness to spend your free time enjoying the sunshine and aesthetics of your property.

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FAQs About Your
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While a sealant application is always necessary, it is highly recommended for every concrete installation, like for a broom finish. If a broom finish isn’t sealed, it can eventually begin to deteriorate after many years of outdoor exposure. 

A concrete installation from the reliable team at Apex Concrete will always have a substantial lifespan, including when you receive aggregate concrete in Calgary and a broom finish. A broom finish will have a lifespan of 30 to 40 years if maintained properly. 

For our broom finish concrete installation, our team will continue to prove to be the apex of concrete projects as we offer a swift turnaround time of 48 hours–even for broom finish.