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Repair, install, and replace your concrete driveway in Calgary by hiring Apex Concrete.

We want to ensure your driveway is a safe surface area for you to walk on as well as drive on, without fault obstructing your movement. With our highly skilled concrete driveway contractors in Calgary, we will provide you with quality services that will completely transform your property. You won’t find another driveway installation company that will offer you transparent pricing, knowledgeable professionals and consistent communication like you will when you hire Apex Concrete. 

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Finishing Your Concrete Driveway

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Create a textured and unique entrance to your property with an exposed aggregate driveway. Comparable to a piece of granite,  we peel away the plain concrete layer to reveal a more stunning visual underneath that makes your driveway significantly more compelling.

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For many concrete installations, including the process for concrete decks and patios in Calgary, many homeowners opt for a broom finish. Also known as a brush finish, a broom finish refers to the non-slip texture of concrete that is established by utilizing a broom to ensure the cured concrete has traction for those walking on it. With our assistance, Apex Concrete can create a brushed concrete driveway for an affordable price.

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With our concrete driveway pavers, your driveway can have a smooth finish that is incredibly appealing to any eye. A smooth finish often refers to the shiny surface of concrete, which can be appropriately developed by leveling, floating, and trowelling before the concrete completely cures. Much like the creation of a concrete garage pad in Calgary, a smooth finish driveway will take dedication and time–which we promise to offer at Apex Concrete.

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Our stamped concrete services are an affordable and beautiful option for homeowners who want to customize their property. Factor in the myriad of beautiful stamped concrete designs, and it’s no surprise why this option is increasingly a top choice of designers. With our commitment to quality and experienced contractors, many homeowners choose Apex for efficient stamped concrete services in Calgary.

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concrete driveway calgary
concrete driveway calgary

Installing Concrete

When we begin to install a driveway for a homeowner, we diligently prepare to undertake a set of tasks like any other concrete installment, such as installing concrete sidewalk steps in Calgary. First, an initial comprehensive check of the location of the intended driveway is required before we begin to break up a pre-existing driveway, if applicable, to make room for a new base. Next, mesh wire is added to the area that will reinforce the concrete. After the mesh wire, the concrete is carefully poured into the designated location and tools are utilized to level out and properly align the newly poured concrete. After that, depending on the way you choose to finish the concrete, the process will be completed. Finally, the concrete sets for about one week before it is safe to use.

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Yes! Our professionals at Apex Concrete work to fufill the needs of homeowners across Calgary, so they can attain the driveway they need for their property.

It’s expected to take about three days to install and seven days for the concrete to fully cure before you can begin to use it.

If properly sealed and cured, you can expect the lifespan of your concrete driveway to last for at least 25 years or longer.