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Amplify the function of your property by installing steps and a concrete sidewalk in Calgary with the help of Apex Concrete.

When you acquire our services, we will give you quality concrete installations, so your property can exalt in prime operations with the use of a sidewalk and concrete steps in Calgary. These installments will make it easier for you to traverse the proximity of your property without obstruction and will also enhance the appearance of your property and its curbside appeal. 

Create compelling features on your property by installing defined sidewalks and stairs with help from Apex Concrete today!

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Installing a New Concrete Sidewalks & Steps in Calgary

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Building a set of concrete steps and sidewalks is a process that begins like the installment of a concrete driveway in Calgary, as it all starts with excavation. We will begin to work on the areas where you want your sidewalks and steps to be developed and prepare it in prompt time.
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Before we precast the concrete steps and sidewalk, we will begin to frame the areas where the concrete is meant to be poured. Just like we do for a concrete garage pad in Calgary,we place wooden planks to outline where your sidewalks and steps will be placed for preparation purposes.
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For concrete constructions like concrete decks and patios in Calgary,, and for sidewalks and steps, rebar installation will help reinforce and strengthen your developments. With the addition of rebar, your concrete sidewalks and steps will be able to sustain more weight at once and will ensure the structure lasts for a long period.
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Once we have prepared for your concrete sidewalk and stairs to be installed on the property, we begin to pour the mixture of concrete into the area where you want concrete creation to be installed. We will have Apex Concrete professionals at your disposal to ensure the concrete mixture goes smoothly into the form with incident.
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Once the concrete is poured, our professionals will take the proper measures, level out the concrete, broom it if requested, smooth it out, and groove it. Wait for your newly poured concrete garage pad to cure, which can take about anywhere between a week and around the industry standard of 28 days. The application of a sealant is also recommended and can be completed yourself or by our professionals.

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Here at Apex Concrete, you can trust our concrete contractors to do an excellent job at installing sidewalks and stairs onto your property with swiftness and complete the project that will exemplify our quality workmanship we strive to create.

Our work to carefully and securely install a sidewalk and stairs will exceed your expectations and will improve the appearance and transform the functionality of your property for the better.


Get reliable work completed on your property and install new cement steps and sidewalks with simultaneous delicacy and swiftness by hiring Apex Concrete’s trusted concrete contractors. 

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While it depends on the extent of the project itself, typically, our team at Apex Concrete will take about two days to finish your sidewalk and steps.

You should refrain from stepping on top of the newly poured and levelled concrete for at least 28 days, while it sets and cures.

You can begin by contacting our team of experienced landscapers and ask for a request for an estimate, giving you an idea of the price of the entire installation and the general process.