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Concrete Garage Pads in Calgary

concrete companies calgary


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Apex Concrete is your dependable solution for concrete garage pads in Calgary, catering to both residential and commercial requirements.

Similar to a concrete driveway in Calgary, a garage pad is of utmost importance for your home. It ensures the security of your vehicles by providing a stable surface capable of sustaining the weight of multiple vehicles simultaneously. With our expert garage pad installation services, we guarantee a swift turnaround, allowing your garage pads to be efficiently created, cured, and fully developed without any disruptions to your property due to ongoing concrete construction.


Visit Apex Concrete today and obtain a multifunctional and valuable garage pad that will seamlessly enhance any property.

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Installing a New Concrete Garage Pad in Calgary

concrete garage pad calgary

Like with any construction project, such as building concrete decks and patios in Calgary, our contractors at Apex Concrete will work diligently during the excavation process when developing a garage pad. Excavation will be brief, as we lay the groundwork in the location of your choosing and prepare the allotted piece of land to eventually place a concrete pad for your garage.

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After finishing with the excavation of the area where the garage pad is going to be placed, we move on to the framing of the area using wooden planks, where the concrete will eventually be poured. Framing is a step commonly used for all concrete ventures, including when installing concrete sidewalk steps in Calgary.
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For maximum strength and durability of your newly installed or revised concrete slab, we secure the area with reinforcing bars, or rebars. Rebar installation maximized the bonding of the concrete, improving its overall performance, and is necessary for any load bearing structures being built, like a garage pad.

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After we have comprehensively prepared for your concrete to be installed, we begin to pour the right mix of concrete into the area where you want your garage pad installed. With professionals on sight to ensure the concrete goes smoothly into the form, you can be assured that pouring will happen securely, safely, and without mistake.
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Once the concrete is poured, our professionals will take the proper measures to level out the concrete, broom it if requested, smooth it out, and groove it. Wait for your newly poured concrete garage pad to cure, which can take about anywhere between a week and around the industry standard of 28 days. The application of a sealant is also recommended and can be completed yourself or by our professionals.

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The garage pad contractors at Apex Concrete stand unrivaled among other concrete professionals in the area.

We want to ensure everything goes smoothly when completing your garage pad project, and we do so by undertaking each task meticulously with determination and thoroughly laid out plans. We develop concrete garage foundations working alongside our loyal customers and create a concrete installment that is impervious to damage and that can sustain the weight of numerous vehicles.


When you hire Apex Concrete to install your concrete garage pad, you are guaranteed to get exceptional results! 

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FAQs About Garage Pads


Yes, garage pads are beneficial for any homeowner that wants to protect the undercarriage of their vehicle and to place outdoor items safely within their garage, like shovels and snowblowers.

While it may not require the rebar, the installation of the concrete garage pad will be much easier with a rebar already implemented. Additionally, it will help strengthen the overall durability of the garage pad.