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How to Prepare Your Concrete Driveway for Winter

Fresh snow looks beautiful, but it can do serious damage to your driveway. Taking steps to get ready now will help your driveway withstand the harsh winter weather. Follow these six tips for preparing your concrete driveway for winter.

Check for Cracks in Your Concrete Calgary

Inspect your driveway before the first snow hits, looking for any cracks or chips. Snap a couple pictures so you can compare the before and after once spring comes.

Have a Concrete Contractor Seal Cracks

If you discover cracks in the concrete, now is the time to seal them. Left alone, cracks get worse over the winter as thawing snow leaks into the cracks and then expands if it refreezes. Call a concrete contractor to come seal the cracks in your driveway before the first snow.

Stick with Calcium-Based Ice Melts

The chemicals in ice melts can wreak havoc on your concrete Calgary. Using calcium-based ice melts is a good choice because they do little to no damage to concrete.

Clean Your Driveway

Power wash your concrete driveway to make sure it’s clean before the snow comes. Leaves, sticks, and rocks can damage the driveway when they’re buried under layers of snow and ice. Oil and grit can also combine with winter weather to increase concrete deterioration.

Use the Proper Tools

Check shovels and snowblowers for wear and tear and get your snowblower tuned up in the fall. Chipped or damaged tools can damage driveways.

Keep Your Concrete Driveway Clear

When the snow begins, clear your driveway as promptly as possible. Keeping the concrete Calgary clear of ice, snow, and chemicals from ice melts helps protect it from damage.

Get your driveway ready for winter weather with these tips. Talk to a concrete contractor if you’re concerned about the condition of your driveway or want further information about protecting concrete.

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