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15 Apr 2022

Concrete Designs for Backyard

Concrete designs and concrete contractors Calgary

As warm weather looms and patio season officially begins, it is inevitable to start thinking about remodelling your outdoor area where friends and family gather. One of the many ways to quickly get your backyard summer-ready is to use concrete to carve out your perfect seasonal space. Concrete offers many varieties of textures and patterns, where you can emulate the appearance of other, more expensive materials, such as wood and brick. Concrete is the accessible option to make your backyard look opulent and inviting. 

Find out all the varied concrete design options available for your backyard and contact your local concrete contractors Calgary, to see how you can customize your own yard.

Concrete blocks

Concrete is such a versatile material that can be modified in any way that you desire in your backyard. While some may think of a very plain patio design when it comes to concrete installation, there are actually a variety of different methods that can make a backyard look more luxurious and sleek. One of the ways this can happen is by using concrete blocks. With a raised patio and concrete steps, you can create a spacious patio for guests to sit, visit, and engage with one another. If desired, a concrete table and additional foundation can be added to this area. 

The concrete patio accompanied by the lush decor and an outside table


According to HGTV, installing a fire pit on concrete patios is an inexpensive and simple solution to utilize unused space in your yard. The concrete fire pit will enhance the look and feel of your home and increase your patio’s outward appeal. The firepit will immediately forge an inviting space for your guests to gather and is perfect for all seasons of the year, even when the temperatures drop. 

Textures and colours

Fortunately for homeowners interested in installing concrete in their yards, the concrete poured onto your yard doesn’t have to stay the monotonous grey. Through different types of paint, you will be able to create textures and colour schemes that suit the aesthetics of your home. 

Lush concrete patio

Concrete patios can be further enhanced by incorporating greenery, trees, and neutral coloured patio furniture sets to make the backyard look quaint and comfortable for your guests. With the greenery and wholesome backyard decor used to soften the patio look, the concrete itself will take on a rustic and natural feel that will only enhance the aesthetic of the backyard. 

Mixing materials

Your backyard doesn’t have to be limited to one material, and because of concrete’s neutral colour, anything can go with it and can still complement your backyard. For example, you can have an entire deck made solely from wood and a level down, you can still install a concrete patio where chairs and a table can be placed. These materials won’t clash and will actually exude a warm and inviting atmosphere in any backyard. 

For more information on how to install a patio made from concrete in your backyard, contact your local concrete contractors Calgary

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23 Aug 2019
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How to Protect Your Concrete Investment For The Long Haul

Concrete doesn’t demand a lot; it’s a low-maintenance option that’s ideal for all kinds of applications. Even so, proper care helps maximize the lifespan of concrete. Here’s how to protect your concrete investment for the long haul.

5 Ways To Protecting Your Concrete Investment

Clean Your Concrete

Regular cleaning helps keep concrete looking its best and removes debris from the surface that can cause unnecessary wear. Use a power washer to get rid of build up and debris. Make slow, even passes, and avoid holding the spray in one spot for too long. It’s also important to avoid harsh chemicals which are often unnecessary for cleaning and can damage the concrete.

Remove Stains Promptly

Gasoline, oil, grease, and other spills can leave nasty marks on concrete, so clean spills as quickly as possible. If a stain does set, try using a power washer to remove it or a cleaner designed for concrete. Concrete companies in Calgary can recommend cleaners that are safe for use on concrete.

Get Seal Concrete From Calgary Concrete Contractors

Applying sealer creates a barrier to protect the concrete from spills, chemicals, and the elements. Plan to apply sealer every two to three years. You can seal concrete yourself or have concrete companies in Calgary seal the concrete for you.

Remove Snow from Concrete Properly

Many chemicals for de-icing can break down concrete, even salt is hard on the material. Sand is the safest thing to use when snow hits. Take care when shovelling as well to avoid chipping the surface.

Deal with Cracks with Concrete Contractors

Even with proper care, sometimes cracks occur. Deal with them promptly to avoid further damage. Concrete contractors in Calgary can provide effective crack repair.

concrete contractors Calgary

Concrete contractors in Calgary can give you a durable surface that requires minimal maintenance, which makes protecting your investment easy.

Apex Concrete is ready to take your outdoor space to the next level. As a professional concrete company in Calgary, we know how to customize our services to suit your style and taste. All year round, Apex Concrete is here to help you. Call us today on 403-333-6633.

22 Jul 2019

Most Important Questions To Ask A Calgary Concrete Company

Finding the right concrete contractor for your project can be challenging. Understandably, most people don’t know a lot about the process of pouring concrete; this makes it difficult to know how to find a good company. With the right questions, it’s easier to get the information you need to make a good decision. 

Ask These 5 Questions To Your Calgary Concrete Company

1. How Long Have You Been A Concrete Company in Calgary?

Concrete companies that have been in the business for a while are more likely to know their stuff and do good work. Of course, that’s not always the case, but it’s a good place to start.

2. What Are The Most Important Parts of the Project?

Figuring out the most important parts of your project is a top priority. Ask concrete contractors in Calgary what they consider the most important and then talk about their response. Move on to nonessential things that could help the project to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want and need.

3. What’s Included In The Scope of Work?

Scope of work documents is confusing at times, especially if you aren’t familiar with them. This makes it difficult to compare bids from different concrete contractors. Make sure you understand exactly what’s included from each contractor.

4. Are There Any Additional Fees?

Hidden fees and additional charges can throw your budget off. Make sure the Calgary concrete company is providing all the information upfront so you won’t be surprised by extra charges during the project.

5.Will My Project Present Challenges For The Company?

Each project has certain challenges, and some are more difficult than others. Push concrete contractors in Calgary to thoughtfully consider any potential complications or challenges related to your specific project, and how they would deal with those challenges.

Apex Concrete is ready to take your outdoor space to the next level. As a professional concrete company in Calgary, we know how to customize our services to suit your style and taste. All year round, Apex Concrete is here to help you. Call us today on 403-333-6633.

25 Aug 2018

How to Remove Oil Stains From Your Concrete Driveway in Calgary

When your car leaks fluids onto the driveway, it becomes an unsightly mess. Before you can even think of resurfacing, sealing or staining a driveway, you first have to remove the oil stain on your concrete driveway in Calgary. If your car starts to leak fluids when filling up a vehicle, you could end up with a couple stains.


29 Sep 2017

How To Give Your Concrete Pathways a Brand New Look

Concrete is a favourite building material, and it’s easy to see why: it’s highly durable and widely versatile. Considering how popular it is, it’s likely you have at least one concrete surface in your home. Concrete requires little maintenance, but even tough slabs from a reliable concrete company won’t last forever. If you have concrete pathways that are beginning to show wear and tear, keep reading to learn about how to give them a new look.READ MORE

26 Aug 2016

Give Your Property a Make Over with a New Concrete Layout

A house with a beautifully remodeled exterior, driveway, patio and sidewalk can drastically improve its value in the market. Homeowners don’t have to spend a fortune on remodeling these areas. With new concrete pad and tile options, you can create a beautiful setting in your patio, backyard and in decks and without even spending more money.