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How To Give Your Concrete Pathways a Brand New Look

Concrete is a favourite building material, and it’s easy to see why: it’s highly durable and widely versatile. Considering how popular it is, it’s likely you have at least one concrete surface in your home. Concrete requires little maintenance, but even tough slabs from a reliable concrete company won’t last forever. If you have concrete pathways that are beginning to show wear and tear, keep reading to learn about how to give them a new look.

Repair Cosmetic Damage on Concrete Pathways with Concrete Resurfacer

Wear, staining, flaking, and small cracks can ruin the look of your pathways. Thankfully, these cosmetic issues are easy to fix. A concrete resurfacer goes over existing concrete to transform its aging appearance and make it look great again. Start by thoroughly cleaning the surface. Prepare and apply the resurfacer according to the package directions. Usually you combine the mix with water, use it to pre-fill any small holes or cracks, then spread a thin, even layer over your concrete.

Use a Multipurpose Repair Material for Structural Damage

Cracks, chipping, and crumbling require more extensive repair. A multipurpose repair material can repair this type of damage. Prepare the surface by thoroughly cleaning it. Mix and apply the repair material according to the manufacturer’s directions. Smooth the surface with a trowel, broom, or float. Applying a resurfacer or sealer after the patch has dried helps protect and unify the surface of concrete pathways.

Hire a Concrete Company for Extensive Repairs

If your pathways have significant damage or deep cracks, trust a Calgary concrete contractor to handle the repairs. A concrete company can evaluate whether it’s better to repair the existing concrete or pour a new pathway.

Boost the appearance of your concrete pathway with these repair tips or talk to a Calgary concrete contractor about starting fresh for a whole new look.

Whether you need small repairs, or require a brand new concrete pathway, Apex Concrete is there for you! Whatever your project may need we will deliver high quality results that are on time and on budget.
Apex Concrete is a leader in providing Calgary homeowners with landscaping and concrete services that last. Apex Concrete has the experience to design a unique space that suits your tastes and respects your budget. Transform your outdoor space into something spectacular.

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